About Us

The Discovery Public School of Faribault is a 6th through 12th grade public school that provides a free educational alternative for parents and students. It is operated independently from the Faribault school district and governed by a board of directors made up of parents, teachers, and community members elected by the school community. School board meetings and elections are open to the public and are held the third Thursday of each month and elections are held during the month of May. For more information regarding meeting times or dates and or regarding school board vacancies or voting information, please contact the school at 507-331-5423.

Discovery Public School of Faribault has been in existence since 2006. Formerly known as the Covenant Academy of Minnesota Charter School, the focus was working with impoverished children from throughout the state. The majority of the students stayed in the Covenant Academy of Minnesota Residential Program and attended the public charter school. However, the residential facility was hindered by funding and recruiting obstacles and closed in the spring of 2005. A group of determined teachers knew that there was a place for the school as an educational alternative in the Faribault community and founded Discovery Public School of Faribault.

The Discovery Public School of Faribault is authorized by Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center (formerly Audubon Center of the North Woods). For more information, you may visit their web site at https://ospreywilds.org, or contact:

Erin Anderson, Director of Charter School Authorizing
1730 New Brighton Blvd
Suite 104, PMB 196
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 331-4181

A charter must sign a contract or “charter,” that represents an agreement between the school and the state of Minnesota. Charter schools are typically authorized by a school district, an institution of higher learning, a non-profit organization, or a foundation. The authorizor reports to the Minnesota Department of Education, and makes recommendations to the state in regards to the progress of the school.

As a charter school, Discovery Public School of Faribault is open to all students that apply. The school’s current enrollment is about 66 students. Class sizes run from approximately fifteen to twenty students, with a 1 to 10 teacher to student ratio. Current enrollment is diverse in terms of race and/or ethnicity.

All students can be successful, but many need the smaller class sizes and more one to one attention to achieve their potential. A main area of concentration for the school is raising student attendance rates, and thus, increasing the overall achievement of the students. A low attendance rate for a school correlates to a decrease in student learning. We have a strong focus on getting students into the classroom so they can learn and make progress towards graduation.

It is the goal of the administration and staff at Discovery Public School of Faribault to create a school atmosphere that is safe for all, and a learning environment that can cater to the individual needs of each student. We are proud of the services that we offer. The school has overcome many obstacles but continues to show growth, which in turn shows the dedication and determination of the staff, parents, and students, in making the Discovery Public School a great place to learn.