Sharon Hansen (Instructional Leader/ Math)

Mrs. Sharon Hansen
Instructional Leader
Mathematics Teacher
Testing Coordinator
Technology Coordinator
504 Coordinator
Graduation Coordinator

The 2021-22 school year will be my fifth year at Discovery Public School of Faribault. I began as a math teacher, replacing Mr. Darkow when he retired. I have since taken on many roles at Discovery. I am currently the Instructional Leader (taking on that role when Dan became our Director), 504 Coordinator, Technology Coordinator, Testing Coordinator, and Graduation Coordinator.

In my math classes, students are encouraged to develop math concepts from context, rather than learning skills through practice and drilling. Studies show that when students can make sense of a problem, they can figure out how to do similar problems without memorizing formulas.

As the Instructional Leader at Discovery, I help coordinate curriculum and also track student credits. I meet with each student, usually twice a year, to go over their transcripts and help keep them on track to graduate. We also review their test scores, and I help them set goals for academic achievement at Discovery.

I really enjoy teaching at Discovery. We have the flexibility and small class sizes that provide the opportunity to really get to know my students. This allows me to adapt the lessons to really anticipate the needs of my students. We also have the flexibility to work with individual students to develop education plans that work for them. We can alter student schedules to provide more challenging work, or perhaps offer a study hall or independent study to help them reach their educational potential.