Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Enhanced Academic Performance

The Discovery Public School of Faribault continues to offer a service to a number of students in the Faribault area.  Many students are behind academically or have not been successful in a traditional classroom setting.  The Discovery Public School of Faribault offers these students a safe place to learn and fosters growth into continuing education and the workforce.

2.  Increased School Attendance

The Discovery Public School of Faribault will make calls to the home for any student that is absent without prior notification.  The school also makes the same telephone call to notify members of social services and corrections should they be involved with that student’s life.

3.  Parents are more actively involved in schools

The Discovery Public School of Faribault is able to build better relations with parents through daily communications including planner pages, telephone calls, conferences, etc.

4.  Increased levels of technical and educational skills

The Discovery Public School of Faribault offers classes that focus on computer skills, resume building, filling out applications, the interviewing process, etc.  Our school has fifteen computers to offer for classroom activities. 

As a result of moving, the school board and staff have had to look for different avenues to achieve the goals of the school.  The additional expense of moving has made it almost impossible to provide the students with what they have been experiencing in the past.  Support for the school has been coming from a number of sources throughout the community.  We are very appreciative of all that we have received, but it is our hope to restore the school to the fullest potential and provide a quality education for those students that need it the most.  As a school, we are looking for additional funding for the following areas.  Any help that we receive will allow the school to function for this school year and continue into the future.  Without support, the future of the school is based upon drastic cuts to program and facilities.  We cannot continue to operate without the support of local agencies.  As all of the changes have taken place with our school over the past year, the one constant has been that the school is focused on caring for the children.  The needs, health, and safety, of the children are the focal points of the Discovery Public School of Faribault’s educational philosophy.
Please feel free to contact the school with any questions or concerns!  We would like to thank you for celebrating our Grand Opening with us, and we would also like to extend an open invitation to come back and visit our school again. 

How big is your school? How big will it get?
The school has a goal of 10 employees 75 students. The school currently has 8 teachers and 51 students.
Who is your staff?
Karen Natole - Office Manager - Karen works with staff, students and parents. - Email:

Jim Severson - Executive Director and ex-officio school board member - Email:

Sam Macklay, a.k.a. "Mr. Mack" – Middle School Science/ Physical Science/ Environmental Science/ Biology Teacher – 
In San Diego, I learned to weld at the community college and spent 12 years working in the shipyards and boatyards around the harbor.  I met the future Mrs. Macklay shortly after arriving in California and we returned to her home state of Minnesota to be near her parents.  I enrolled part-time at Minnesota State University at Mankato while working at Corchran Metal Fabricators in Waseca.  I graduated in 1997 with a degree in secondary science education.
I am quite impressed with the dedicated staff at Discovery Public School, and the partnership with parents and community that makes this school work.  In my previous position I taught physics and chemistry to highly-motivated students in a well-equipped laboratory.  It has been a challenge for me to connect with the students here, considering their different learning styles and having no actual laboratory.  I think I've learned a lot of patience and communication skills in the last five years, and we have proven that we don't need a fancy lab to learn science.  I appreciate our small class sizes and I truly enjoy working with young people.
Last year we sent two teams to the “Environthon” contest and science students built rockets, windmills, and solar ovens.   This year we are also exploring hydroponics gardening and expanding the Environmental Science aspects of our curriculum.   I sponsor the Discovery Sports Club which is open to all students at the school.  Sports Club members meet on Tuesdays (after school) for open gym and on Wednesdays for an activity out in the community such as archery, swimming, bowling, hiking or canoeing.  Learning goes on for your whole life and I strive to help my students improve themselves through education and self-discipline. Email:

Dan Weisser - Social Studies Teacher & Assistant Director and school board member - Email:

- ReadingSpecialist/English Teacher - Email:

- Physical Education/Health/Art Teacher - Email:

Dirk Wells - Special Education Teacher and school board member - Email:

Heather O'Leary - Special Education Teacher - Email:

- Math Teacher - Email:

Yvonne Ackmann - Paraprofessional

Sonia Flores- Paraprofessonal